Lisa Muten, Artist, Artist Facilitator and Tutor. You can see more of my art at muten.net.

This site is to present an overview of my professional practice as an artist facilitator and tutor. Since 2008 I have been working freelance in this area. This journey has allowed me to work with a wide variety of people on creative projects, to work with individuals to develop and share creative thinking and making skills, to learn from difference, be open to the unexpected, to take risks and most importantly challenge perceived restrictions on abilities.

Presented here on this site are some examples of the projects that I am and have been involved in. I have had good fortune to work with and alongside some great individuals and organisations including Action Space, Spare Tyre, Life With Art, The Leighton Project, Elfrida Rathbone, EFDSS, London Transport Museum, Free Space Gallery and Brunel University.